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Our highly anticipated 100% solids, environmentally friendly Crystal Clear Epoxy is here! Our Crystal Clear Epoxy (CC-500) can be applied at any thickness while letting your design elements shine through. CC-500 will never go opaque and has the same strength and durability as our EP100 line of coatings.


No solvents | No odour | No induction time

No primer required | Self-leveling | ~30 min gel time

Same mixing as EP100 coatings | Use as coating or to cast mould |
Compatible with Enviro Metallic Pigments

River Rocks Tables clear epoxy cc-500 for art applications

River Rock Tables

CC-500 lets you showcase your most creative river rock tables without hindering the design or integrity of the materials underneath. While this product is completely transparent, it offers the same strength and durability as our standard line of EP100 epoxy products. 

CC-500 River Rocks clear epoxy for art applications
CC-500 mixed with other products to create ice effect, clear epoxy for art

Mix with Metallics

CC-500 mixed with other products to create ice effect, clear epoxy for art

Did you know that CC-500 can be mixed with our Enviro Metallic Pigments to add life to your designs? To achieve this arctic ice effect, we combined CC-500 and blue metallic pigment. 

Before woodwork before applying CC-500

'Before' and 'After' Woodwork

You can finish your best woodworking projects with CC-500. Not only will it protect your handy work but it's food safe (CFIA-approved). Application may enhance the tonality of natural wood by a few shades.

Wood after applying CC-500 to create a better finish as well as preserve the wood, CFIA approved
CC-500 crystal epoxy creations that are as clear as glass
CC-500 crystal epoxy clear application that looks like glass

Mould Versatility

While these crystal and unicorn samples look identical to glass - don't let their aesthetic fool you! They are
shatter-proof creations made using CC-500 and silicone moulds. 

CC-500 Amber Marble clear epoxy for art applications

Custom Designs

Explore your creativity using CC-500. This coating can be applied to items of various colours, shapes, and textures - you'll be able to view them as clearly as if they weren't coated at all.     

CC-500 Crystal clear epoxy art application
CC-500 Clear crystal art applications to preserve your art applicatoins


River tables | Natural wood | River floors

Log tables & chairs | Bar tops | Bar stools

Stenciling/decal | 3D arts & crafts | Coins

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