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Metallic pigments can be added to Enviro Poxy™ and New Poxy® products to add a shimmering, iridescent finish to your surface.
For optimal results, be sure to check out the Pro Tips section
at the bottom of the page!


Innovative Epoxy Flooring


Enviro Metallics are available in a variety of colours that you can browse below. Please note that precise shades may vary slightly depending on your device. 

Black Metallic Board 3.jpg

Black Application

Blue Metallic Board 3.jpg

Blue Application

Brown Metallic Board 3.jpg

Brown Application

Black Metallic 3.jpg

Black Pigment

Blue Metallic 3.jpg

Blue Pigment

Brown Metallic 3.jpg

Brown Pigment

Copper Metallic Board 3.jpg

Copper Application

Gold Metallic Board 3.jpg

Gold Application

Green Metallic Board 3.jpg

Green Application

Copper Metallic 3.jpg

Copper Pigment

Gold Metallic 3.jpg

Gold Pigment

Green Metallic 3.jpg

Green Pigment

Red Metallic Board 3.jpg

Red Application

Silver Metallic Board 3.jpg

Silver Application

White Metallic Board 3.jpg

White Application

Red Metallic Crop-new.jpg

Red Pigment

Silver Metallic 3.jpg

Silver Pigment

White Metallic Crop-new.jpg

White Pigment


Metallic pigments can be mixed with each other to achieve countless unique results. Click through the samples below!

Gold & Green
Copper & Silver
Blue & Silver
Brown & White
Brown & White
Black & White
Black & White
Red & Black
Black, White & Gold


Enviro Metallics are available in 12oz jars.


Follow these pro tips to ensure the best results!


  • Apply a base coat of solid colour Enviro Poxy™ or New Poxy® 

  • Mix metallic pigment(s) with PART A clear epoxy using a drill mixer 1 day before application

  • Mix until the pigment is dispersed then set aside

  • Do NOT mix PART B until you are ready to apply

  • Once ready to apply, mix PART B into PART A metallic mixture (drill mixer is not required)

  • Wear a N95 respirator and safety goggles

  • Two coat application is recommended

  • Once application is completely dry, a clear top coat is recommended to seal the coating

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